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Credit Factors

How are credit scores determined?
Your FICO score has five main elements:

Payment History
Credit Usage
History Length
Types of Credit

Credit Score Range

  • 720-850 Excellent
  • 700-719 Very Good
  • 675-699 Good
  • 620-674 Average
  • 560-619 Poor
  • 500-559 Very Poor

Do you know your credit score?

Customer Testimonials

Ceara N
Great Service

Great customers service. Amazing Results. Thanks bright future

Randy E
5 Star Service

I knew nothing about credit repair before contacting bright future credit solutions. The customer service representative was very knowledgeable and pleasant. It’s been only 3 months and I have already seen a 45 point increase.

Xavier J
5 Stars

Working with bright future credit solutions was the best decision I’ve ever made. I saw a total increase of 100 points after a 12 month program. I am now a home owner and I owe it all to the wonderful credit consultants at bright future credit solutions

LaRonda D
5 Stars

Awesome awesome awesome ! This was a very pleasant experience I highly recommend anyone to try this company u will be please with their wonderful customer service and great expertise!

Making Your Credit Future Brighter

Credit Education

FCRA – Fair Credit Reporting Act- is a federal law that regulates how consumer reporting agencies use your information.


Credit Tips

  • Paying bills on time can help maintain a higher credits score
  • Never let an account go into collections
  • If you cannot make your payments on time, always make arrangements
  • Instead of closing Accounts keep them in good standing to help with
    length of credit history
  • Make sure to keep all balances low on credit cards and other revolving
    accounts to 33% or below
  • Paying off debit can be more beneficial than a balance transfer
  • Try and stay away from opening new accounts to rapidly, this can
    cause your credit score to decrease
  •  Remember to never over draft your banking accounts

Privacy and Refund

At Bright Future Credit Solutions we promise to respect your privacy and keep your personal information secure and protected.
By law Bright Future Credit Solutions allows you to cancel your contract within three (3) business days from the date you signed the contract. You may also cancel at any time when you are satisfied with your results. Bright Future Credit Solutions cannot offer any promises or guarantees as to the outcome or length of time to achieve results.

Terms and Conditions

1. This is an agreement between Bright Future Credit Solutions LLC and the Client. We will increase your credit score and attempt the removal of all errors, misrepresentations, outdated, or unverified negative items on your credit reports that you the client provides. We offer no debt consolidation and we do not make payments. This is strictly for credit restoration services.

2. The Client understands that this is a Monthly contract. Each month, the Client will pay a fee for the service that Bright Future Credit Solutions LLC has already performed for the previous month. The Client agrees that the monthly fee will be electronically debited from clients’ checking, savings, or credit card as indicated below. The Client understands that he or she may cancel from this program at any time without penalty.

3. The Client understands that each credit bureau investigative challenge will take approximately 30 to 40 days. This contract will automatically renew itself each month accordingly. If there is no more work to be performed on the Client’s behalf, then the Client will be cancelled automatically by Bright Future Credit Solutions LLC There are no other fees at all associated with this service.

4. The Client understands that he or she should forward all correspondence (credit reports, letters, etc.) to Bright Future Credit Solutions LLC as soon as possible after receiving. Do not send anything back to the different reporting agencies. If you have not received any credit reports or correspondence within 35 days from the return of this agreement, then the Client shall notify Bright Future Credit Solutions LLC promptly. The Client understands that he or she should receive such reports every 30 to 45 days as work is performed and that all credit reports or letters must be sent to Bright Future Credit Solutions LLC immediately. Failure to do so may prolong the term of this contract. Please notify Bright Future Credit Solutions LLC of any changes in your mailing address or status.

5. The Client understands that by law, Bright Future Credit Solutions LLC cannot offer any promises or guarantees as to the outcome or length of time to achieve results. However, if the Client is in full compliance with the terms in paragraph (4) and payments in paragraph (2) of this agreement, then the Client will be entitled to the following: If there is no improvement to the Client’s credit reports or credit score within three (3) credit bureau investigative challenges, the Client will receive a full refund of their first three (3) months fees upon request.

6. The Client understands that due to the nature of this service, Bright Future Credit Solutions LLC, our select staff may view your file for providing accurate service. We understand the importance of your privacy and Bright Future Credit Solutions LLC agrees to take measures to limit the access to such information accordingly.

7. By law, Bright Future Credit Solutions LLC is required to provide the following three (3) documents:
(1) A “limited power of attorney” form that is used only for credit repair purposes. This form must be signed and returned;
(2) The “Consumer Credit File Rights under Federal and State law.” By signing below, the Client acknowledges that this has been received;
(3) The Client’s “Right to Cancel” form. The Client may cancel at anytime by mailing or faxing this document to Bright Future Credit Solutions LLC